Monday, January 30, 2006

Cheyene's Paint Job

Look familiar?

At least the seller on eBay was being truthful about the fact that the airbrush job on my new "Nugget" was inspired by Cheyne Horan's 1980s board.

I seriously doubt that I'll be riding it anytime soon. We are in the throes of what can only be described as "The Perfect Storm" up here: I think I heard a newscaster say that this January we have recorded record rainfall for Portland. And you know that's rain of biblical proportions, considering the reputation of the Pacific Northwest. Torrential doesn't even begin to describe it. And with these downpours comes surf of 20+ feet that looks like a oceanic spin cylce. This Saturday we are looking at 28.3 ft swell at 14 seconds.

I think I'll start a new blog about knitting.

The Joggers - "Loosen Up"


Slim said...

Yeah, the perfect storm. G joked last night that I won't be riding my new stick until May. 6'0x22x2.25. I posted pics, so check it.

Diane said...

Knitting certainly be a lot safer.

Anonymous said...

not only safer, but maybe i'd get a sweater out of it.

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