Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saturday Secret Session

Saturday was amazing. Reports from up and down the coast made it sound like spots were lighting up like firecrackers on the Fourth. We were pretty happy with our early morning decision, as you can see from the shot above. Nice being the only ones in the water (for a few hours) on days like this. Sorry I couldn't crop out the landmark, though. I hope I'm not giving anything away, but then again, most of you can probably tell where this is by the way the wave is breaking. But if you can tell where it is by the way it's breaking, then you already know the spot. But if you already know the spot, then why would you care about a picture that doesn't name it? Wait. I'm confused.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sissyfish in Brasil

I'm incredibly stoked to be a part of the upcoming Santos Surf Art II art festival on the beautiful coast of Sao Paulo, Brasil. This is a country I've always dreamed of visiting, and now at least my drawings will be making the pilgrimage to paradise... Lucky art!

My art is also lucky because it will be hanging near some of my heroes, who you can see by enlarging the Nat Russell-drawn poster above. Albe "Morning of the Earth" Falzon? Andrew "Litmus" Kidman? Jamie "We Approach Our Martinis With Such High Expectations" Brisick? Sea "The Guy Who Did My Blog Banner" Mouse? And that's just to name a few!

The event is taking place from January 20-26, and if you want to read more about it, head to the Santos Surf Art Blog, where I'm currently experiencing my 15 minutes of fame.

Special thanks to Jair, the super-cool, super-talented guy who's organizing the whole thing. Who knows, maybe I'll figure out a way to make the trip after all...

(If you want to see some examples of my artwork that's been featured on this blog, click HERE.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere...

Los Angeles. Tuesday. As we sped up PCH from LAX toward Malibu for a voice-over session (details to come), I noticed something crazy... There were waves everywhere. Guys were bobbing in the lineup at what seemed like every bend in the road between Santa Monica and the 'Bu.

From the cliff-side house where the sound studio was, I had a perfect view of Malibu and the pier. Waves seemed to be rolling in with amazing consistency. We stayed in Santa Monica that night and over drinks I noticed big lines smashing the shore near the the boardwalk there.

Wednesday morning. Our call for the music video shoot was at 6am. This time we were in Marina Del Rey, and again, explosions of whitewater blasted above the rise of sand between the beach house where we were shooting and the Pacific. The day went really late, and as the sun set, I noticed guys catching windblown lefts off a jetty on the south side of the beach. Mist from the breakers chilled our extras during the golden hour.

The next morning I was beat. Got in a plane and flew back to Oregon. Mission accomplished. But zero waves surfed.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Jet Setting

I'm traveling a lot for work lately.
Salt Lake City last week and LA tomorrow...

Unfortunately, an early call makes surfing out of the question down there. Sorry for the lack of posts since the shit-storm resulting from my Labor Day pics. But I do have scientific evidence proving that most of you have no idea where those photos were taken.

I'll resume regular programming on Friday.

(That's Mt. Hood in the photo above...)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

"Traditionally, Labor Day is celebrated by most Americans
as the symbolic end of the summer."

It was a wave-filled Labor Day today.
Bye-bye summer, welcome fall.