Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finding the G-Spot

The rumors are true. Saturday we held a surf contest in honor of Gee, my surf comrade, who was turning 30 years old. The location was dependent upon the elements, so we spent the night at a beach house in Northern Oregon and got up early to scout out a good spot--or a spot that at least had rideable waves. The horn for the big heat was to sound at 9:00 AM, so we had to make the call with very limited information. We drove 40 minutes south of O to check out the pipe and PC, neither of which looked as good as the surf right outside our window when we woke up. Running into the other invitees along the way, Slim and Nash, we made the call to head back to the beach break at O.

The whole thing was a big piss-take really, since none of us are all that accomplished at surfing, so we came up with some funny categories the contest would be judged upon: Best Wipeout, Longest Ride, Bigget Wave, Best Picture, Smallest Wave, and the coup de gras: Best Tube Ride. Yeah.

The best part of the whole thing is that we had a videographer taping the contest, meaning that we could review any points of contention later, over cheap beers.

Slim was the first guy out and the first man to catch a decent wave, leading the way for the rest of the guys: myself, Nash, Gee, and Onespeed (OS). Then, OS caught a really long wave on his Stewart longboard that I was sure would clench the Longest Ride prize.

The highlight of my session was when a well-shaped peak rolled in and I was sitting next to Slim. It looked like it would A-frame, so I asked which way he was going. "Right!" he yelled, so I took off left. It was a great wave that actually gave me a chance to crouch in the pocket and drag my fingers in the face. I felt a little spray feather over my head and thought, "Best tube ride?" Not. But the wave went on a long time and allowed for some nice turns. When I finally made it back out to the lineup, Slim, who had missed the right, said, "That one is going to have to be reviewed." I told him that he shouldn't have said he was going right.

After a couple hours, the waves got blown out and we had to head back to the city anyway to prepare for the rest of Gee's birthday activities. If it were up to me, the contest results would be as follows:

Best Wipeout - Gee
Longest Ride - OS
Biggest Wave - Slim
Best Picture - (TBD upon video review)
Smallest Wave - Nash
Tube Ride - Not Applicable (although I got a little spray cover!)

I'm hoping to get a chance to check out the video soon, and when I do, I'll get some screen grabs for Sissyfish!

Yo La Tengo "Beach Party Tonight"


Nash said...

Ok, this is in need of a correction first. The day was supposed to start at 9, but while slim and I were ready to roll on schedule the rest of the crew was a solid hour and a half behind schedule. So much for the early scouting. Few rides were had, granted some good ones were caught (by people not known as Nash)but it was not a spotlight kind of day. It was however sick to be out with friends bobbing in the water trying to surf. As a end note I will not be visiting OS again anytime soon.


Chum said...

Correction? We got out in the lineup by 9:30. You didn't seem to be in much of a hurry though. You weren't out there 'til around 10:30... Oceanside has its moments, BTW. Thanks for the text at 7:30 this morning. You woke me up. I have a sore throat.

foul pete said...

Sounds like fun. Patrick and I were thinking of joining you lads but then we decided to gamble on 'the spot' and it paid off.

Chum said...

It was really fun - next year you guys have to join in! I'll actually make trophies (like a golden ruler for the smallest wave) - and we can split it into two heats and judge eachother!

Totor said...

Great state of mind! ;)
"Contest" usually sounds like a dirty word to me, except the world-famous Santocha Surf Club Cup(just kidding...), same kind of stuff...
I know we're not alone now. ;)

Slim said...

I had biggest wave?? Wow, now that's a testiment to just how shit the conditions were!

old Gz said...

I would feel remiss if I took the award for best wipeout. While I certainly had more than my share, they were more of the cromagnon-pearling variety. No, I've got to give credit where credit's due: Ean rode over the falls of a massive closeout like a drunkin' cowboy sitting on for the 8 second count. He definitely earned my vote.

Chum said...

True dat. I forgot about watching OS ride his 9 ft. steed over the falls. We should review the tapes and have "official" standings.

Patch said...

Here's a category for next time if the waves are small. everyone heads out with no wax on there boards, guaranteed laughs.

Music—Ben Kweller—Falling

Patch said...

Here's a category for next time if the waves are small. everyone heads out with no wax on there boards, guaranteed laughs.

Music—Ben Kweller—Falling