Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Give the Gift of Inspiration

Another Black Friday has come and gone, and I didn't even go shopping. This year I want to give better gifts. I want to make artwork for friends and support local shops and friends' businesses.

On that note, I've been helping a friend out with a blog for her online wine shop Wines and Makers and in return she's turned me on to some amazing limited-production wine producers. I like the idea of the impermanence of wine and how a good bottle forces you to slow down time and really pay attention to subtleties: to live in the moment--kinda like surfing does. And I love how a good red can warm you up and provide inspiration to write or draw.

WAM is having a big Friends and Family sale right now--ALL BOTTLES 20% OFF and CASES 30% OFF, with free shipping for orders over $99--so if you have the urge to pick up some wine for yourself or as a gift, check 'em out. A bottle St. Amant Zin I drank literally blew my mind... I'm buying a case of it.

On the subject of gift-giving, I've reconnected with Writer, who gave me a-learnin' a year ago about naming/drawing surf spots on the web. We've since buried the hatchet and exchanged t-shirts, parenting advice, and surfy knowledge. He just told me that he's giving me a surfboard blank to shape as a birthday gift. He's even bringing it up to PDX for me. So, that's just a lesson on the power of surfing's positive power to facilitate good vibes. Talk about inspiring gifts! You'll be hearing much more on this as the story unfolds...

Until then, get some surf! I know I will...

I Wasnt Really Drunk - Eef Barzelay


Deepism said...

If appropriate, I'd love to see write up on the transition from foe to friend that you've had with Writer.

Anonymous said...

Writer must be back on his meds. Just hope he doesn't forget them on his trip. He may unbury the hatchet along the way and try to take to you on arrival.

Chum said...

Let's just say we "caught each other's drift" and leave it that!

retro shaper said...

'Writer' is just another psycho local, V13 born and raised OG motherfucker.
Those who can deal, do.
Those who cannot, hate.

Some of us locals practice blatant localism for a reason.
Some get to break through that madness and get some.
The rest get to watch from the safety of their momma's basement.

Chum's gonna shape a fishy and complete the circle.

The rest can keep riding their cheap chinese plastic crap or boards that come from those fruitcake skinners in the Gorge or worse yet, the latest offerings from...gag...Mollusk.

Yeah, still a pissyfish, ain't I?

Rockin' Norcal this weekend, the Southcoast is safe for you pansies.