Friday, March 12, 2010

Is it safe?

Sometimes getting out the door for a run is a bit like pulling my own teeth. It's painful and without music, there's no way I'd be able to do it. In my other life, I actually write about this subject. It's a good gig because it actually forces me to run 3 times a week, keeping my cardio up for those precious times I get to surf. As a byproduct, I've also started to pay more attention to music and its power to inspire. For me, a solid 160-200 BPMs is critical for getting me on pace. I actually nerd out on a beat-counting application for my phone to determine which songs have the right cadence for my stride.

This is the playlist I currently run to.

What Would Wolves Do? _ Les Savy Fav
Madder Red _ Yeasayer
Two Weeks _ Grizzly Bear
Just One Second (Apex Remix) _ London Electricity
Gold Guns Girls _ Metric
The New Wu _ Raekwon
Fools _ The Dodos
Let's Go Surfing _ The Drums
Follow the Light _ Sub Focus
Cousins _ Vampire Weekend
Fancy Claps _ Wolf Parade
Cheerleadeer (Neon Indian Studio 6669 Remix) _ Grizzly Bear

Hear it all right here:

See the inspiration here:

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