Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A while ago I posted about getting this 4'11 Mabile "White Pony" for those small days when the only other option would be to ride a longboard. You can see the post, and the red-hot comment thread it inspired HERE.

I took it out in waist to shoulder high waves last weekend and had an absolute blast on it. It went well frontside and, surprisingly, it worked really great on some speedy backside Gas Chambers rights as well. My wave of the day was backside actually, which is completely out of character for me. Well done, my trusty little steed.

When I brought it in on Father's Day evening/International Surf Day, I ran into Gaz and his gal who were scoping the waves. After we discovered a big gouge on the rail (from the leash) he gave the little pony approval and joked, "But Tony said these would never work in Oregon..."

Guess what Tony? It does. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Tony said...

Well shit Sissy, you sure showed me ya did. Why, the Legend of the White Pony is spreading up and down Hawthorne as we speak. Next thing you know, every Pfag will be riding Yard Possum Specials.
And Gaz knows, yes he does.
Come on down and get some surf and let me ride it, I promise no leash dings.
Bring lunch money in case I get hungry.

Chum said...

Tony! Glad to see you're still checking in despite my lack of activity here. I was starting to worry that you were either dead or in prison. And it's been hard to stay in touch after you put that velvet rope around your blog.

I take it you have a "no homo" rule or something?

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