Friday, July 27, 2007

Shades of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is an amazingly colorful country. We took a lot of pictures between surf sessions. Dogs, crabs, pasture baseball games, kids fishing in their underwear. A trip to Granada during one of the lulls provided so much inspiration. The colonial city reminds me of how Havana must be: old open air markets on the streets, rusty bikes and old cars, Cuban cigars, and no matter how shanty the storefront, a layer of bright paint would provide a festive feeling that belies the country's current economic struggles. The rolling blackouts seemed to get longer in the days before we left. Thanks to my wife for the pics, who has an amazing eye, and to Tom of for the unforgettable sunset on this page and the action photos from my previous posts.


surferbrat said...

These photos are beautiful...the best kid of travel photos...just taken by looking rather than creating. I think I'm gonna go to Nica next year, it looks awesome.
Costa Rica was pretty great too.

Anonymous said...

May looks so CUTE! She does have an eye for photography. Sounds like a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Saw the pic of you, I think you
may have been in a That Dog video
I directed back in the 90's. If you
aren't the guy then you have a
doppleganger. If it was you, stoked
to see that you are well, staying creative,
and surfing.


Chum said...

Hey fsacto,

That was me, man! The craziest part of getting your comment was that I was at my parents house and I just happened to find that video in a box the night before. We watched it together and transferred it to DVD. What a strange coincidence.

Another weird coincidence is that I now am friends with a couple other people who worked on the video - Sammy and Leilani Music - who I met again years later through a friend of mine who cuts hair in LA (and now dates one of my closest Oregon surf chums, Gee).

Email me back sometime!