Tuesday, December 04, 2007

DOWN IN FRONT: Sissyfish Surf Movie Night

Hey Portland Surf Massive!

I'm hosting a surf movie night Friday, partly in honor of my birthday last week and partly because I need a few beers with a few bros. Last summer I hatched all kinds of plans to do a movie night at a bar, but it never materialized. Probably because I was too busy surfing. Now, more than ever, I need a little stoke injection.

Among the films I've rounded up for the event are:

Glass Love
Rare Windansea footage from the 1970s
Swift Movement Goodies
...And a very secret, "I-swear-you've-never-seen-this" PDX premiere...
(We'll see how many we can get through.)

Also on display will the coveted, one-of-a-kind Sissyfish book of drawings (a gift from my wife). And, as an added bonus, Nau--the great green outdoor company--will be giving away some swag. How could you miss it?

The bonanza starts Friday, December 7th at 7pm at the lovely bar Leisure in NoPo.

Leisure (click for map)
8002 N. Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97203
503/ 289.7606

Let me know if you're stopping by...


o_boy said...

Sweet! My Friday is more full than I can stand. I'll swing in for the early tip. Can we watch the Wind-an footage then, please, please??



Foulweather... said...

Hope to attend, matey. Got to prioritize some surfing but hopefully, I'll get to check in at yr movie night also.

OS said...

Can't think of a better pre-game stoke for what looks to be a decent weekend of surf.

Nash said...

I'm in. OS, we should plan a sat assault.

G said...

Big shakas for the show coming from down south!

Jeffery said...

If you play Run Man 69 I'll drive up!

Festus Porkmeyer said...

"Down in Front" <-- What a great promo poster. Glad to see the rigors of early fatherhood haven't dulled your creativity and wit.

Jelly said...

Johny-Town Stokefest!
Tweaker-town Blogjam!
I'm super down.

Anonymous said...

so stoked you're doing this! was super bummed i couldn't make it down to sf for thomas campbell's art opening at mollusk tonight. thanks for putting the stoke back into my friday night!!!

Chum said...

BIG ups to everybody who stopped by last night! It was a blast. Special thanks to Kirk at Consafos Press, Nicole and Travis for opening Leisure to our shenanigans, and OS for making the kick ass tees!

Ashton said...

Hey, It's Ashton and Jamie from the Surf Movie Night. Thanks for the killer surf vids and footage at Leisure the other night! Anyway, I was just forwarding on our blogs. pdxiles.vox.com (dying, looking for air) and nicatrip.blogspot.com (dead) Okay, see ya around.

Cool Runnings,

Gaz said...

What???!!! There were tees given away? You know how much I love a new tee............ damn!

Chum said...

Gaz... How could we not save one for you?

AG said...


I found this blog on both the 70percent site as well as SurfySurfy.

I'm thinking about relocating (back) to the Northwest, and wanted to make some contacts.

I'm a 3rd gen Portland native, so I don't think I need a visa (some things never change), plus lived in S-side back in the late 70's-early 80's.

Anyway, I got roots..., and I'm actually missing the cool rainy weather...



Chum said...

Great to hear from you Allan. Your boards look amazing. I've been admiring them on Surfy Surfy for a while.

As for relocating up here, no visa required by me (Sissyfish is all about Oregon surfing being a love-fest), but I'm essentially just a 35-year-old Portland grom. You'll that find most other guys I roll with share my happy-go-lucky attitude.

Having once lived in Points beyond, you probably are aware of the flipside of the friendly Oregon surfer ethos (it's probably gotten worse since the 70s-80s), but as long as you're respectful of it, there's a possibility you'll go unnoticed in those lineups.

Talk to you soon:

sissyfish at gmail dot com

gaz said...

"there's a possibility you'll go unnoticed in those lineups.".............. not with boards like that..... bring 'em!