Friday, December 28, 2007

Rock & Roll Windansea

This short was arguably the biggest hit of the first Sissyfish Surf Movie Night. A visual feast of pot smoke, fist fights, teeny bikinis, short shorts (on the girls too), mullets, guitar licks, and sunburned shoulders. Oh yeah, there's some soul-arching surf footage in there as well... Found it on R. Kenvin's Youtube channel - In the spirit of New Year's Eve, push the play button and get the party started!

Ratt - Round and Round


seshn_forlife said...

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Anonymous said...

Surf Myths from the Pacific Northwest?

Chum said...

Reveal yourself you anonymous swine! Put up yer dukes! Seriously, myths and videos from SoCal are all I got right now... Hopefully that'll change in the new year.

oboy said...

So glad that vid made it here. I love it! Shades of my misspent youth. BTW, the sucking left in there is Big Rock, the break I was talking to you about the other week.