Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Better Luck Next Time

Deep North, not exactly corduroy...

Gee's first surf trip since moving back from LA
and he already looks like an Oregon crusty.

Maybe if I shoot the picture at just the right
moment, it'll look inviting... nope.

Five of us piled in the Econoline and guess
who had to ride in the carseat? There's something
poetic/just plain silly about the fact that this is
where I ended up sitting on my first surf trip since
becoming a dad. Hazing ritual? Maybe. But it was
pretty comfy and felt safer than sitting on a stack
of boards in the back of the cargo van.

Long story short, we didn't even get wet. We had
a few beers and huffed some salty air though.
And that was good.

I can pretty much guarantee that next time will be better...

Slim Gaillard - Laguna


Nash said...

Bummer, at least your crappy Bolts won on Sunday.

Sharkbait said...

I like your socks.

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Gee!

ras said...

goood to hear you got out finally even if just for a looksy

Doc said...

Shoulda waited a day...
And gone less north...
Huffing salt air?
That's so not Oregon coast...

seamouse said...

I feel just like a child
From my womb to my tomb
I guess I’ll always be a child
Some people try and treat me like a man
Yeah some people try and treat me like a man
I just they just don’t understand
Well some people try and treat me like a man
They think I know shit
But that’s just it
I’m a child
Yeah I need you to tell me what to wear
I need you to help and comb my hair
Yeah I need you to come and tie my shoes
Yeah I need you to come and keep me amused
From my cave to my grave
I guess I’ll always be a child
I need you to help me reach the door
And I need you to walk me to the store
And I need you to please explain the war
And I need you to heal me when I’m sore
You can tell by my smile
That I’m a child

-Devandra Banhart

Chum said...

"When my baby slips out my mama’s womb
We’re gonna enter a new life
Enter a new life, that’s for sure
You’re gonna enter your self back through your baby’s front door
Now if you want that child to be a long-haired child
You’re gonna make that baby be a long-haired child that’s for sure
Baby, baby, that’s for sure."

Doc, this was a report from Sunday... which looked pretty impressive at Nelscott, but nowhere else. I heard the last couple days were amazing "less north" though.

Doc said...

I wouldn't go so far as amazing...
But "pretty solid" would fit the bill...