Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hunted a ghost peak Sunday morning.
It never seemed to be where I was.
Or was I never where it seemed to be?
But the wind was light and the water warm,
Haunted and happy was me.


turtle said...

Original art work with accompanying prose?... Cool post chum.

Q.Peeps said...

I agree. wicked shit my man. um, it's wicked shit, not like, um, wicked shitty. or something. you know what i'm sprayin'?

can i has art n poem?

Nash said...

Bro you should have paddled out on Ecto-1 and used your nuclear-powered proton pack to bust that shit! I ain't afraid of no ghost-peak!

Foulweather... said...


That has to be my favourite illustration of yours.

Chum said...

Thanks dudes. I even incorporated some slime for nash.

jdog77 said...

Nice Post. October is my favorite month for surf. Glassy conditions, fun combo swells, good Fall light.

seamouse said...

I'm with foulweather. Sweet illustration.

Jamie Watson said...

I too love this illustration.

Admin said...

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