Thursday, November 06, 2008

imm O rtalized

My "o-face" was recently immortalized as part of Patchie's series of surf blogger illustrations. Posted the day before the election, I wonder if my expression was an omen for the O-man's victory.

You know, hanging out at Doug Fir the other night, one thing became crystal clear: Hope makes people horny. Seemed like everybody was either making out or trying to get some post-election action. Long live love.

Thanks, Patch...


Patch said...

You bet Chum,

I'm starting a new initiative called prop 'O', the ballot measure will be introduced in the next election.

Basically, it is unlimited free flowing O's during the hours a beach is black balled.

OS said...

Rad Chum!

Rad Patch!

G said...

O Yeah...snap into it!