Thursday, January 29, 2009

My First Surfboard

Purchased of the used board rack in the mid-1980s. It came with all those stickers on it and I left them there, cuz I thought they were rad. I used to just look at it and dream about the waves I'd get. When I turned 16, my friend and I would drive to Brookings and Crescent City all the time to try and make those dreams a reality.

Things really haven't changed that much.


tres_arboles said...

I had one of those O'neill stickers (but not on my board). If only I still had that first board. I once saw it or something like it pictured in a "board yard sale" up on Surfy Surfy, but JP told me the owner had sold just after the picture was taken. It was a 6'2" Schroff Thruster that seemed like it was three inches thick and 21 inches wide! That's why I didn't need a long board to get started the way all the kids do these days.

Still got yours?

Chum said...

I wish I still had it. It was delamming from the day I bought it - I remember thinking that the soft rails could be beneficial during wipeouts.

I think it was pretty fat and wide too. Unlike you, Tres, I would have benefited greatly from starting on a longboard.

Anybody know anything about Ludwig?

pushingtide said...

Cool shit Sis!

jdog77 said...

Classic! Triangular logos were in back then, as were pink and yellow. killer board bro!