Friday, June 05, 2009

Early Alaia Shredders: Oregon, 1915

The wooden plank's making a comeback, but we should all take a moment to honor those hardcore pioneers of the Oregon surf scene who appreciated the natural trim of a pine slat almost 100 years ago. Alaias weren't so spendy back then. All you had to do was stop by the local coffin maker's and buy a lid for a few bucks. Then you could customize it with a few pseudo-Native American words (blow up photo) and even add a little lip to the nose if you had issues with pearling. And as you can see, these guys were way ahead of Patagonia in understanding the importance of wool in their choice of short-john material.

What are you all standing around for? It's low tide and Gas Chambers is pumping!


surferbrat said...

Love this! I actually have this photo framed on my wall!

Eef said...

yes!! INSPIRING!!!!!!!


online pharmacy said...

from which age come this picture? I mean look those swinsuit, and that strange surf boards, is like that someone was back to the past and take this picture.