Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A few months ago I posted about this art show coming up to help the Mattson family with some heavy-duty medical bills. Well, the big night's finally here. I didn't really know who was going to be involved when Jair Bortoleto asked me to hook up with Jamie "Pinapple Luv" Watson to donate something, but because my family's been through similar circumstances, I really wanted to help out. Now I look at the list below and am totally blown away by all the cool people that gave a piece of their artwork to the cause.

Featured Artists:
Alberto Cuadros, Andrew Paynter, Andy Davis, Candace Anderson, Chivo, Ciro Bicudo, David Hanson, Droog79, Dustin Ortiz, Ed Fladung, Frank Cubillos, Heather Brown, Jair Bortoleto, Jamie Watson, Jay Watson, Jenny McGee Dougherty, Jessica Nichols, John Zane Zappas, Joseph Conway, Julie Goldstein, Justin Furniss, Kassia Meador, Katrine Hildebrandt, Kieron ‘Seamouse’ Lewis, Kim Nguyen, Kyle Lightner, Lindsay Preston, Liz Cockrum, Luke Taaffe, Maggie Marsek, Meegan Feori, Michael Singman-Aste, Peter Jackson Hussey, Peter McBride, Renata Morrone, Rick Albano, Ryan Tatar, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Scott Massey, Scott Szegeski, Ted ‘Clayfin’ Gallup, Theo Hetherington, Thomas Campbell, Tiffany Campbell, Todd Stewart, Troy Dockins, Ty Williams and Yusuke Hanai.

Mattson Family Art Benefit

Friday, June 26 - one night only!

4658 Mission Blvd., Pacific Beach, California

Music by the Mattson 2

 with special guest Ray Barbee!

Silent Auction 7pm - 9pm

Art to be "in hand" to winning bidder by 9:30pm

100% of the proceeds will go to the Mattson family.

$5 suggested donation at the door

Surfindian is a constantly evolving art project and retail store focused on the art of surfing. Surfindian features surf-themed art, apparel, film, books, and jewelry, as well as fine hand-shaped surfboards, fins and other surfing accessories. Surfindian is located at 4658 Mission Boulevard, in the heart of Pacific Beach, California. The store phone number is 858.412.5334. For directions and other information, please visit, and follow the link to the blog.

Wanna see what I donated (and some more of my scribbles)?



Miles Eldredge said...

My name's Miles. I live on Vancouver Island. I like your blog. I am starting new surf magazine with a special focus on the Pacific Northwest. In the past I have written articles for SBC Surf and Drop Magazine (Including an interview with Albert Falzon). I would like the contributors to the magazine to be representative of the entire region, so I am looking for photographers and writers from all over. If you have anything you'd like to submit, photos, articles or ideas, contact me.

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