Saturday, August 06, 2005

Big Sissy

Howdy folks! I'm currently out of town, but I found this illustration I did for the blog that I meant to post on the day I started Sissy Fish. My wife and I are in Ashland again; I'm sitting inside sucking on a Budweiser. Its a sole-melting 100 degrees out there! I've been checking the surf reports for Cabo Sur and it looks like the swell will be picking up right when we arrive. I can't wait to have five solid days where I can rent everything from fish to longboards and practice going right. As you'll see from my next post about the session we had Thursday, I need a little help on my "backside attack." (That is an ugly expression, by the way.) Also, I'm itching to finally trunk it for the first time in 15 years! It has been mighty chilly up here in Orygun.

Talk to ya soon,


The Clash - "London Calling"


Candi said...

So...when you trunk it, do you still urinate on yourself? :) Love the drawing, BTW!

Chum said...

Oh yeah. In that case, I'd whiz without giving it a second thought!


I.P. Freely

OS said...

Enjoy backsiding in Baja. If you need any advice as to what or, more importantly, what NOT to buy while you're down there, just let me know.

Connie said...

Great drawing. You should use it. Have fun on your trip! I can't see how you wouldn't. Look forward to the Baja pics. Haven't been there in forever!