Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Shoulda Been There Yesterday, Tomorrow

All my buddies decided to go on an impromptu surf trip yesterday and for good reason, I couldn't make it. Keeping in mind that we haven't had decent swell in Oregon for months, I was gutted by the email I received this morning:

--- Nash wrote:

> I would like to give a big shout out to all those who rode the the single most epic day of the summer yesterday. Dialing in my short board, riding till it was dark in the water and catching so many waves my arms and shoulders felt like jello was the perfect way to celebrate Tuesday. Sorry to those who couldn't make it but more waves for me Beotches! On a friendlier note, anyone interested in a Thursday sesh?Conditions look like they are going to hold up for a couple of more days.

---Gee wrote:

>I almost don't want to ruin the golden glow in my stoke-rich mind, but hell yeah, I'm up for heading out Thursday.


I, of course, am still unable to leave town so I must wave a white hanky and wish them bon voyage. I'm just so happy for them I could cry, the bastards.

Jimmy Cliff - "Many Rivers To Cross"


Diane said...

Motherly philosophy---"You win a few and you lose a few".

Connie said...

Sorry to hear you are missing some great fun with your buds. However, I am SURE that whatever is keeping you away is much more important. You'll always have Cabo.... ;-)

g-eunuch said...

I'll take some pix for you today, so you can see what you're missing. I probably just jinxed myself and now the waves will be the size of a ballerina's chest.

Chum said...

I hope they're smaller than your bulge in '70s tennis shorts, punk.

patch said...

you mean some small left leaners...

Hoping theirs a couple more 'chubascos' left in the season directing some nice ripe corners our way. One good sign, schools back in session next week so there will be less pimples in the water.

Music — The Luckysmiths — Frisbee

Candi said...

NICE new banner! Looking good!

Slim said...

Monday fired too! Oh god, did it fire! Caught morning and afternoon sets at our favorite winter spot.

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