Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pop-outs vs. Poop-outs

I am not a militant pop-out surfboard hater, but I was amused the other day when I was taking a leak and noticed the logo below written on a toilet.

At first, I couldn't think of what it reminded me of, but by the time I finished peeing I remembered where I had seen it before...

I rode a few of the epoxy sandwiches in the picture below and had a great time, but next time I go to Cabo, I'm bringing a hand-shaped board.

Swearing at Motorists "Cuando Nos Veramos"


Nash said...

Yeah but do your fancy hand shapers have hot ass like that hanging around. Please someone be a friend and throw a slump buster my way.

Michael said...

Funny post. It will get even more interesting when Chinese factories enter the pop out game. Clark Foam or no, my guess is that lots of boards will become more affordable.

totor said...

I recently bought the Surftech McTavish Micro egg 6'6.
Quite cheap thanks to surfbusiness connections.
I had heard so many different opinions on these boards that I wanted to make my own.
Only one session yet but.. whoooooh, it's a great board.
Maybe later I'll reach its limits but for my scottish surftrip of this summer, I'll surely take this one with me.

Slushpuppy said...

i rode the McTavish 6'6 micro egg yesterday on a surf trip in SW France and it made the most of the blown out mush that was coming in, i liked it. howeer i also rodde a bic longboard and thought it was rubbish and slow. i think you get what you pay for, the surftechs are good boards for travelling cos they don't ding as easily as hand shaped boards. i think my next board will be one, maybe the Matt Kechelle 6'4 stub fish.

scotland - you are a brave man, hopefully with a thick wetsuit!

Summer Times said...

I love it... i was on the search for a chinese pop-out logo and found this wonderful laugh! great site!