Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mexico Otra Vez

I finally developed my water camera pictures from Mexico a year ago, just in time to get my stoke up to a full inferno for this year's trip. In a little over a week, we're heading back to San Jose Del Cabo again. This time we are going with a group of friends and renting a house near Zippers. I just peeked at the surf report for Costa Azul next week and it looks promising: 5 feet at 14 seconds!

Looking at these pictures from last year, I'm flooded with emotion. My wife the smiling Buddha, warm waters, Mike Doyle (barely in the shot), Donavan F., tacos at Hangman's, sore ribs, sunburns, micheladas, sand in my ears. I can't wait to do it all over again with my best friends. This time we'll explore a little. I'll stick to my new fish (and eat more fish too).

I'm bringing a stack of surf literature, including Doyle's "Morning Glass" which is just perfect for falling to sleep to by the pool after sessions. Here are my original posts from the last vacation down south: 8 at 16, Smiley Smile, Surfyland, Hola Olas

Kings of Convenience "Gold in the Air of Summer'


Patch said...

One morning at 9 Palms. Lo tines que acer.



Nash said...

Not ALL your best surf fiends. I am jealous but it looks as though the same week you guys are learning to pull frontside airs I will be working at a new contract position at the firm bearing my name.


Slim said...

I farted in Mexico but then my pants weren't right.

Diane said...

It's a wonderful life. Sound familiar.

foul pete said...

Damn, Mexico...

When are we going to surf in Oregon?