Saturday, July 22, 2006

Everybody Up!

We spent our first several sessions at Acapulquito, aka "Old Man's," getting our sea legs. It is a really soft-breaking right on most swells, making it a perfect place to warm up for two weeks of surfing. The only drawback is that it may be the most crowded break in Baja, if not all of Mexico. Also, there are some big, bony rocks that rear their urchin-infested heads when the tide drops. Best time to surf here is in the morning and at dusk, when there is less wind and there are less beginners taking classes inside.

Speaking of classes, my wife and OS's gal took some surf lessons and got some rides on their first day! We have all made up new surf nicknames for eachother... and here they are:

"Chino," aka "Chingaro," aka "Release," (as in Catch & Release).

Gee, aka "Croucho Marx," aka "Mangostein," aka "Roach."

She, aka "Catch," (as in Catch & Release).

OS, aka "Out Sider," aka "Injured Reserve."

Yours Truly, aka "Chum," aka "The Sandy Dego," aka "Chook Norris."

Donavan "Colours"


Diane said...

Such great photos! Thanks

Slim said...

where those fishy right points??

Chum said...

Fishy right points? We've had a few... Hurricane hit today, but we scored big surf on the front end of it last night. Sorry that we didn't have a camera at the time.