Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fishing in Cerritos

Friday we took a field trip to Todos Santos, a quaint little town forty miles up the Pacific coast from Cabo San Lucas. We had some amazing tacos and tortas (sandwiches) in the artsy village and paid the open-air chef a few bucks to watch our cars and boards as we strolled through town. I found a set of dried shark teeth at a souvenir shop that I wanted, but realized it might be difficult to pack the fragile jaws on our flight back home.

On our way back to Los Cabos we checked a few surf spots, including a beach break with a rocky point called Cerritos. It actually looked pretty good - the waves appeared to have more power than Old Man's - so we quickly paddled out in the rip next to the point. The sets were overhead, with rights and lefts typical of a more open beachie. The first wave I caught was a right that caught me by surprise. I did a bottom turn and skipped down the line, trying to keep my fish from bouncing too much or sliding out. There were some really good surfers out, smacking lips and doing extended floaters over sections that were five feet tall. I grabbed a couple lefts, a few rights, got pitched and tweaked my neck, and decided to paddle in, sparing the non-surfers in our party the agony of sitting in the heat any longer.

On my way in I grabbed a perfectly formed left inside and Gee managed to capture it from the rocky point. The wave rolled forever and planted me right on the beach in front of our group, who cheered me on from under their umbrellas. They encouraged me to go back out and I caught a couple more. It was a really great day - the first great session of our trip.

The Doors - Light My Fire


Diane said...

Nice vacation! Great photos! Who's the photographer? One shot looks like you are surfing out to sea.k

Patch said...

El Loco Jaimie runs a surfari there maybe you bumped into himm. I'm stoked you had a good time.

Candi Gershon said...

May is going to surf now? You guys are an inspiration, really. What a wonderfully happy marraige you have!