Friday, August 25, 2006

Gone Surfing

I'm lucky
Found ticket to San Jose
100 bucks round trip
South swell on the way

The Hook
Pleasure Point

Be back Wednesday.

Fire Theft - Summertime


Diane said...

Love that "sign". If it is not one, it should be. I am certain you could sell something like this.

croucho marx said...

Well, we were lucky with the price of the tickets, but not so lucky with the surf. Mysto right point at about 8 kilometers (I'd hate to give anything away to the haters) could easily go off. I'm sure later this week it will be firing with no one in the line up apart from otters and sea lions. Oh well, let the cleansing begin.

Slim said...

mexico, santa cruz......get a job, bum.

May said...

Nice art work Rick!