Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Kind of Fins Should I Get?

Anybody who knows me knows I tend to fixate on the details of a surfboard: rocker, concaves, tail shapes, rails, thickness, bonzers, fish, nuggets, fin setups, and so on.

Then I run into a video like this on O'Brien riding a finless thrift store junker with more style than the "hottest" surfers in the mags.

So next time you're contemplating whether it's worth it to drop a grip on a balsa-edged Firewire or carbonfiber Aviso board, watch this clip and get out there on your tried-and-true stick.

Oh yeah, and GET LOW!

Hot Chip - Boy From School


g-stein said...

Are you kidding?!!! Well, I guess it just goes to show it's all in the rider, not the ridden. But if that's true who do we have to blame when we purl, bury a rail, rag doll or just plain fall over? I'm sticking with the board...if I had a different board yesterday I would of been boostin' airs and spelunking in the green caves.

Nash said...

I agree, that is all the board. By the way I hate hot chip...and there name sounds a piece of poo that got inadvertantly stuck to teh toilet seat.

Chum said...

Hot chip hates you too.

Diane said...


Otis said...

Finally watched this clip. So sick! What is that, like head high shorebreak he's getting barreled in? That's a day that's not good enough to paddle out in on the North Shore, and I'd kill to just bodysurf those waves. Ugh.