Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Needless to Say

This spot was pretty great Sunday. Shoulder high with occassional head high sets. And glassy! The coconut wireless must've been in full effect, because many of the regional surf heroes were there: Point regulators, surf shop employees, a gal I ran into in Mexico, and even the legendary Slim and Foul Pete. If you were there, you knew that you scored the first hints of the fall season. There was some good surfing going on. I caught quite a few, but really felt limited by my inability to make the most of the a-frame peaks. I got down the line, made some sad backside turns. But OS, who incidentally got the best ride of his life, laid a nice compliment on me: "I saw somebody tucking, trying to get a tube, and I thought he might actually make it. When he got closer, I realized it was you!" I guess I have a one-track mind since the bowls in the bowels of Baja.

Wolf Parade - Shine a Light


Slim said...

Some fun scorage fo' sure. Possible "camping" mission in the works for sunday.

Patch said...

Rick, did we get tubeage? Way to spend some time in the hole.


Music — Chad Vangaalen — Sunshine Snare Hits

Diane said...

That was a compliment????

Patch said...

Actually, it was a question. I was wondering if he got shacked.

Chum said...

No shackagawea yet... I'm considering starting a splinter blog that details my quest for my first tube!

Patch said...

Hey Rick,

Some names you might want to consider for the splinter blog:
The pitching lip
Searching for Mr. Greenroom
Aqua cavern
Womb with a view
My first gazeebo
The hunt for a blue pagoda
Stuck in a pagoda
Tube hunter
Shack tracker
Seeking shade

foul pete said...

I wasn't on form that day but had two pretty good ones. Saw one little scrawny little bugger, drop in backside right in front of me and totally pig dog into the shack. Great view but I was pretty envious.

This sunday lools promising also.

Chum said...

I'm really going to do it... Some of those names are perfect, Patchy.