Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things Fall Apart

The center cannot hold, and all that. This was yesterday morning. I imagine that when people from other parts of the country think of Oregon surf, this is what they envision. A lot of times - especially in winter - this is what you get. Blown, chopped, chossed, crossed. Our most recent transplant to Oregon from California, Markarito (pictured), hasn't actually experienced really good surf here yet. He still works in LA often, so his surf trips here have been relatively limited.

He's got a lot to look forward to.

Danielson - Two Sitting Ducks


surferbrat said...

so if this is often what you get in winter...what's the rest of the year like? i'm planning on road tripping this spring/summer.

Foulweather... said...

Spring and summer = lots of North wind.... but it can be good as we have a good few spots with shelter from the north. Early morning in the summer can be v. good also.

Late August to December is the best time of year.

Anonymous said...

That picture’s actually pretty sick, looking like a watery skate park or something. There's actually a little hip thing going on there. A launch over that flat spot into a trany back into the wave. I know it’s not skating and I'm no aerial master, but that’s how I often look at these type of conditions. Looks like the power’s there, just takes a little creativity.

As for the best time of year, fouls right, but it seems things can often come together at any time, like the last 5 weeks. Crap last July was one of the best months of last year, but Septmeber's always a good bet for swell, sand, and weather. Were about a month ahead of the Bay Area's optimum conditions.

Chum said...

Yer right Dub... The only problem was that on my little skate, I'd hit one of those little ramps and go flying off my board. Or pearl.

But it's like they say:

There's no such thing as boring waves, only boring people.

Patrick said...

Hmmm...things did look better a bit south of where your photo was taken, though Slim and I could do no justice.

I blame myself...blew all my stoke
on Friday.

pushingtide said...

Great Roots song as your title.