Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Saw, Therefore I Draw

I think drawing from memories of sights, sounds and feelings is much better than sitting in front of something and trying to get it just right. So every day of my summer vacation I tried to spend time on the balcony with my ipod, some paper, a box of colors and two beers, in an attempt to capture what I experienced that day. Sometimes it was as simple as leaves on the ground, sometimes it was as profound as the perfect wave. I ended up with a wide range of paintings/drawings that say more than words--or even photos--about the time I spent in Nicaragua. The condo didn't have any art on the walls, so I taped a picture above the beds each afternoon before my evening surf session.

Mogwai - Travel Is Dangerous


Anonymous said...

You should post those little gems.
"Slumber Party Hero"...

Anonymous said...

Hi Chum,
Long time reader first time poster. Hey your blog is rad and you seem like a real cool guy. I was thinking it would be fun to surf together. Maybe you can show me some secret spots? I complemented your blog so it's cool right? That would really help my friends and I get the word out about where the uncrowded breaks are. Totally appreciate it guy! When my 20 friends and I roll up we'll be sure to say hello and tell everyone you showed us.

Chum said...

fsacto, are you still directing?

anon, the horse has rigor mortis. but funny anyway.

toddy said...

I like the drawings idea.


Anonymous said...

I got super busy with vids and some spots after I worked with you, then I simplified and took a break to be with my kids (raising 3 boys).
Re-connected with surfing, and now building a new director's reel inspired by the finer things it offers.


Nuno said...

Mogwai - what a great band! Saw them Live a couple of times.