Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Roadside Attraction

Whenever I drive by this outcropping, with the single tree leaning over the bay, I immediately think of Ukiyo-e woodcuts. Incidentally Hiroshige, the guy who did the picture above, is the dude who carved that famous cresting wave you see everywhere*, probably the most famous wave in the history of art.

*Correction, it was Hokusai that did the famous wave mentioned above (thanks, Zack). I think I was thrown by the view of Fuji in the background. One more misstep like that and I'll have to turn in my artfag badge!


Zack said...
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Anonymous said...

Not the first time this cats put his foot in his mouth. Art and surf rookie is he.

Chum said...

Busted. But I did see that piece on tom killion in TSJ... at least I think it was killion, I could be wrong there as well.

I must be wearing mint flavored shoes, right anon?

Nash said...

Chumly, you don't need to turn in your "artfag badge"...just your art badge.