Saturday, June 14, 2008

Overhead and Classy

Look up. Notice something different? I got a nice surprise in the comments section of my last post - a custom Pinniped version of the Sissyfish banner, courtesy of Seamouse! I love it, man. The Swallow Tail Society blog has featured some great original banner art since its inception, and now I'm thinking that all us "surf artistes" in blogland should start trading banners...
Check out the Pinniped Studios blog for more amazing surf-inspired art (like the knight above), straight outta da UK. Then go buy a tee-shirt at Uber.


Gaz said...

Very nice!

I'll put my request in for a banner please. Thinking of cedar trees bending into a warbly rocky right along a cliff face .... acid trip colors, just like the real north west in fall or spring.

Thank you in advance.....LOL

seamouse said...

Glad you like, chum.
Double shakas to you for posting such kind words and linking the site.

Mick said...

Hey Sis you lucky bastard. To inspire the Seamouse takes a bit and what a job he did. He's a very talented guy. That makes two of you. Snap!!!

brett said...

hey been looking at your blog for a whil and finally read it(after the seamouse recomendation), nice stories, nice photos!! 2 things i should be working on ;)

keep it up and consider your self linked!