Thursday, July 17, 2008

Down in the Funky Rivermouth

Went back out to the Rivermouth yesterday and scored again big-time. Can't really judge the size of these waves by the pictures, but if you look at the tire tracks on the beach above, it gives you an idea: shoulder to head-high with some punch. Inside the "boca" started to fire while we were out there and we took our chances paddling to the other side to catch some of the grinding, hollow rights. Caught some very, very memorable waves. Got worked a few times too.

We noticed the water was feeling a little greasy and wondered if the rains had unleashed some nasty runoff upstream. There was all kinds of wildlife out there, big fish, birds, and a school of rays that swam through the face of a wave as I hauled ass down the line.

Our questions of whether or not the water was dirty were answered this morning when OS woke up with a sore throat and cold symptoms. Our boardshorts stunk even after two washings today. We've renamed the break "Croc Pisses."

I think that if you ask OS, though, he'll say it was worth it. On the drive home he told me it was one of the best sessions of his life.


tres_arboles said...

After the absolutely ripped out, summertime junk I surfed this morning, cold symptoms and stinky shorts seem like a decent trade-off for the waves you got! Plus the water in WA is unseasonably cold this year.

Nash said...

Glad you finally brought the camera and that you guys are scoring. Those pics are somewhat reminiscent of our last score. Wish I could join you!

seamouse said...

Seems like one of those unforgettable days to lock away in the mind for when it gets flat.

(Drink coke after your session to kill all the nasty stuff that brings on the cold symptoms - I swear by it.)

G said...

Stoked you guys found some surf. Can't wait to be down there with you.

6.5 @ 15 on Sunday and pretty damn good the rest of the week...hell yeah.

P.S. - I recommend OS drink tequila to kill the bacteria. I swear when I'm on it.

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