Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oyster Waves

Kuma Sutra.
Kumamoto oysters.
Small, hollow, and sweet.
The trick is getting inside.
I'm still picking bits of shell from my teeth.

A flat tire on the way out gave us time to crack into the 24 oysters we bought in Tillamook. When we finally reached the beach, the waves looked choice. Shoulder-high negative-tide dredgers. It only lasted an hour or so until the tide filled in. On the way home we explored such topics as: teaching yoga to inmates, killing animals with your bare hands, karma, the new T.Moe movie, the new Animal Collective, art, and if it's possible to get a "happy ending" via reiki massage.


Anonymous said...

i would like to show you a new on line surf mag.

nm said...

"teaching yoga to inmates"....

my yogi is venturing into working with & teaching power vinyasa yoga to AA'ers

seems like a good match

Paulo Ribeiro said...

Is that a screwdriver in the oyster photo?!? :))

Chum said...

The screwdriver was the only tool we had to bust open the shells. It was a little rusty, but it worked!

Doc said...

Not a big Tillamook Bay oyster fan...too much runoff into that bay.

Wow, word verification was gnarly!

Jamie Watson said...

sounds like a good adventure day, the kind that you can't forget.