Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Santos SurfArt II

Top: The Surf Museum in Santos, Brazil. Bottom: My watercolors, alongside such great company as Joe Curren (left), Sandow Birk (top center), and Guilherme Tonelli (right).

I'm so honored to have participated in the Santos SurfArt show in Brazil this year. The photos on the website, curated by Jair Bortoleto, do a great job showing how awesome the event must've been, and also twist the dagger a little because I couldn't make it down there on a technicality (no visa).

But who knows? Maybe the show will happen again next year and I'll plan for it a little better -- or maybe it will travel to other exotic surf locations (Ed?)... What a great opportunity.

Thanks, Jair!


OS said...

Awesome Chum...a bit bitter sweet not making it but definitely more sweet than bitter seeing your work up there.

Lamont said...

Congratulations on having your terrific art displayed, Chum.


Jamie Watson said...

Your work looks great! I remember the post when you said your wife was going to treat you to a trip there...I'm sorry you couldn't go. Next year!!

AIBK said...

I'm going in a few weeks, how long will the exhibit be up?

GT said...

Hello art neighbor !!! Nice blog you´ve got !!!Aloha from Brazil!!