Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jocka Shaka

Last week there was some controversy in the college football world when Brent Musburger revealed that USC Trojan quarterback David Booty uses the "hang loose" sign to let his teammates know there's one-on-one coverage.

Rumor has it that Musburger apologized, adding, "But dude, surfers have been harshing my name for years when they come across small waves without any power, calling them 'Musburgers.' This is, like, totally bogus."

British Sea Power - Oh Larsen B


G said...

Jocka Shaka...that's hilarious. Speaking of Musburgers, yesterday looked like Musburger-city from the beach, but waking up today I feel like I got rocked by a couple of USC linebackers.

Diane said...

Pretty funny!!!

May said...

What a great picture!