Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Mother of Mexican Moustaches

I grew a 'stache for Mexico and despite your comments on the previous post, I thought it was pretty good. Then, I ran into this guy at the church in Sayulita. His stoosher looked like an upside-down rotten banana. Mine wilted in comparison.

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scumstache said...

Any man would feel weak in the knees in company of such a fine Moustache.

Don't fret, young moustache aficionado, you have youth on your side. With careful grooming and gentle songs sung lovingly to your manly proboscis, you will one day too be a title contender.

Moustache Champions, past and present:

Anonymous said...

Holy stouche! Someone get that lemur off that guy's face before it bites him! No surf here.

Anonymous said...

That's some funny stuff right there! Sounds like a good trip you're on....San Diego has been fun. Cold by comparison to where you are, but not where you are from I guess...Never knew Oregon got so good until I saw your blog..I'll have to move up there and bring half of the San Diego barnies with me...Kidding..

Candi Gershon said...

OK...that is some moustache! Very funny.