Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolution: More Style

Just got this flick off netflix. I've already watched it twice (with a non-surfing friend, who is demanding that I burn him a copy). The movie is so damn good, from the great footage to the crusty Warren Miller-esque narration banter, to the vibey soundtrack. You get the feeling that these old dudes are ripping on a bong during some of the pauses in the dialogue.

One of my favorite scenes is when they say "Perfect V-land" as a dog comes over to investigate some bikini-clad babe's nethers.

Happy New Years - here's to a year filled with great style.

Bluebird - We Are Stylemasters


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

buttons go to school... shoots bra, I'm in the tube.

happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Chum!

Chum said...

Happy New Year! Watched this movie almost every night now.

dave rich said...

hey chum, mita was pretty nice ehh??? Did you catch "The Cove" at all? I hear it gets good on NW swells.
I loved my time in Mita, and I think I see you surfing some La Lancha. great wave!!

J.P. said...

A good drinking game is too watch that movie with your buddies and everyone has to drink everytime they say "style".

Anonymous said...

"Just you and your bro sharing tubes."

Chum said...


Mita was great! Thanks for the tips... and the secret spot, c*****a, was the best (I'm goofy).


You'd be loaded by the end of the first sequence!

rob70 said...

I freaking love that movie. You should pick up the sound track too. It's great zone music for a drive or coding.