Thursday, March 22, 2007

Surf in Art: David Shrigley

So many great artists have incorporated surf imagery into their work, whether they actually partake in our favorite passtime or not. This is going to be a recurring feature on Sissyfish (during those thumb twiddling dry-spells) where I showcase my favorites, many of whom directly influence my own paintings and drawings.

The first in the series is David Shrigley. His simple sketches and hilarious writing captivated me when I first found a his book on Urbane Outfitters' clearance rack for 5 bones. Over the last five years I 've collected as many of his books as I can find and visit his website often for a good laugh. Click on the image above to see what I mean.

Beirut - Postcards From Italy


Totor said...

Great initiative.
I hope you'll make something about Raymond Petitbon. I higly appreciate his work.
I suggest you have a look at this young french artist internet site:
There's a "surf art" exhib soon where i'm from:

Chum said...

Thanks Totor. Pettibon is totally on my list! I'll check those links now!

Chum said...

great art. and what a babe! hossegor? you're living the good life!

Totor said...

I was born there, but I live in Bordeaux (yes the wine city), 2 hours drive far.
But I still surf a lot in Hossegor.
Celine Chat (which funnily means "cat") is talented and very cute, you're right...

Chum said...

I drive 1.5 hours to the beach from Portland. But our wine country, though pretty decent with Pinot Noir, doesn't hold a candle to Bordeaux! Must be nice to have a carafe of good wine after a surf.

site said...

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