Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dream Sponsors

All this talk about working (or not working), combined with watching the Chopes contest last week, got me daydreaming about how cool it be to be sponsored to surf. I also just read Matt Archibald’s wild tale of being offered a boatload of money by Gotcha when he was in his teens just to put their sticker on his board and wear their clothes. Of course, he had incredible talent and had to perform regularly to maintain his standing with the brand, but the concept of being paid/given free gear to represent a company got me thinking: What five companies would I want to be sponsored* by if I could choose? Granted, this exercise does require some suspension of disbelief considering the level of my surf skillz, but you get the idea...

1. Apple – Basically, they have everything from computers to big screens to a bottomless supply of music. Pretty much a given.
Swift Movement – A great stable of shapers that would give me way more variety than I’d know what to do with.
Patagonia – I wore one pair of Minimalist II trunks the whole time I was in Mexico a couple weeks ago. Amazing surfwear, wetsuits that will improve with time, and even more surfboards, should Swift miss something I need in the quiver.
Travelocity – First class air travel? Check. Five-star lodging in far-flung destinations? Check.
Volvo – They’re doing some cool things with alternative fuels in Europe, their cars are safe, and it’s one of the coolest logos in the world.

Which five would you pick?

*Incidentally, any offers by companies interested in sponsoring Sissyfish will be entertained… Got plenty of room for banners here and on the wide decks of my shred-sleds. :-)


Foulweather... said...

1) Stumptown Coffee- to get me ready to hit beach.
2) Star Trek- to get beamed straight there without burning fossil fuels.
3) Virgin Airways- so I can get my board home without BA and their wanky no surfboard policy.
4) Mark Richard's Surfboards- b/c I still want a replica of his original Twin Fins.
5) Full Sail ale for Apres-Surf but only if they start doing an organic stout.

May said...
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Anonymous said...

I'd rather just be independently wealthy and not have to answer to anyone but myself and my dog.

"uh, we didn't see our sticker on your board in that shot.... we need you to do this... and that..." bleh.

Nico said...

And I'd rather be the king of the planet Surf-aroon, where waves are made of Dom Peringnon and surfboards are giant pizza slices...

I guess this game isn't really that fun after all. Probably a little to commercial, on my second read. Or maybe its a bit challenging to actually pick a surfboard company that you'd ride exclusively?

Oops, I just made this comment from my son's blog... Oh well!

ras said...

1) propeller beer in Halifax
2) danny hess
3) matt chester bikes (uh not surf related)
4) the fish and chips joint down the way
5) bc buds

and Jah - ever living

Danimal said...

This is seriously way too tough of a question. I am such a freakin' consumer...I want it all! aaaahhhhh!

Jordi said...

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Kono said...

1. Guinness
2. Reese's Pieces
3. House of Soul- rib/soul food joint in pgh.
4.Guided By Voices
5.The Grasshopper- a "coffeeshop" in Amsterdam.

festus porkmeyer said...

Kono: Cheers, Asshat.

See, Chum? Motherfuckers do still listen to GVB.

Wouldn't Bob Pollard and Bud Light sponsorships be basically the same thing?

Chum said...

Now we're talking...

Anonymous said...

-Rockstar Energy


Jake said...

1. Google
2. Tecate
3. Greenloop
4. Matt Moore
5. VW
7. New Seasons

Jake said...

Looks like I can't follow directions or count. Nice!

rob70 said...

Awesome post. Given that in a few more years, I MIGHT be as good as those little groms that pick up the local sponsorships, I'm keeping it small business:

1. juanita's burritos (best ever)
2. just peachy (great fresh veggies a few blocks from my house)
3. destination surf
4. shelter surf shop
5. moonlight glassing

Surfsister said...

1. Trader Joe's (Free food and beverages)
2. Subaru (Nothing but AWD all the time)
3. Sex Wax
4. Salted Surfboards (by the Waves of Discontent blog writer)
5. XM Radio (just for the pleasure of listening to Soul Street on something other than our television/DirecTV).

Festus Porkmeyer said...

You are just being greedy, Rob. Juanita’s is practically sponsoring us already. Is there a better use of four bucks?

1. The San Diego Public Library system — already got that one.

2. Yeah, Moonlight Glassing. Every encounter with Mom, Dad or Son is guaranteed laughs, if not straight-up wisdom. I even devoted a desktop folder to one- and two-liner gems from Peter Pinliner.

3. The topographical architect responsible for surf clusters such as S__l___ C__e and the surrounding area, the Upper and Lower ranches, S___e_ C__f__, Trestles and nearby, Northwest Ireland, the greater Dunedin area, the S__i_ _f _ua_ _e F___, Santa Cruz and thousands of places I’ve never surfed or even heard of.

I’d like to commission some more work from that guy.

4. Radon boats?

5. A talented medical professional who specializes in head wounds.

ukulelesurfboards said...

Sponsors aren't for me I'm a soul surfer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah thought you were some soul glow retro hippster bro which this would be a no no.

Chum said...

No way... I'm a sellout Ano-no. Soulsurfing retro "hippster" is so last week.

spookyva said...

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