Friday, May 30, 2008

Giant Surfboard Lands on Staples Center

Big enough to be Pau Gasol's daily driver -- definitely not Kobe's (he obviously rides boards that are too small for him) -- I wonder if this thing is a pop-out?

Apparently, small forward Luke Walton surfs as well. Here's a quote from The Guy Report:

"I surf, but not during the season. I can get up and go straight. I got a huge board. So I kind of just start yelling, if there’s other people on the wave: ‘Either get out of the way, or we’re going to crash’.

A lot of my friends surf, so I’ll go out with them and they’ll clear a wave for me. They’re my boys. They get on both sides of me and they’ll take off. And I’ll be fine, I’ll just go straight. Otherwise, I’m gonna crash into someone and it’s not going to be pretty."

Get out of the way, indeed. The Lakers are headed to the NBA Finals.

Fineline "Lakers Egg" via Shipworm and Gribble.


tres_arboles said...

Makes sense that Walton surfs; he's a San Diego kid. I used to run into his dad (Bill) from time to time at Cass Street in PB.


nm said...

How very Blue Crush...

Anonymous said...

I've never seen him in the water, but I saw Luke walking across the bike path in Manhattan Beach.

Hopefully he keeps his head in the game for the finals. He's been too inconsistent.

G said...

That Fineline would look amazing in black and red...go Blazers!

site said...

This can't have effect in actual fact, that's exactly what I think.