Wednesday, July 13, 2005


As I mentioned in my last post, I just booked a trip to Cabo. Without getting too deep into the details, my wife and I will be celebrating the end of her chemotherapy and also finally taking the honeymoon we should have gone on three Augusts ago when we got married.

Ever tolerant of my passions, it was she who suggested that we go somewhere with surf. Her only requirement was that she could watch me from a nice swimming pool whilst sipping a cocktail from a coconut shell. As anyone who has planned a trip to Southern Baja knows, there is one obvious choice that fits the bill: The Cabo Surf Hotel.

It is pretty damn expensive though. We called to book it and the nightly rate came out to be around $225 a night. This isn’t exactly in our price range (by about 100 bucks a night), but considering our circumstances we decided to reserve a room. The only issue, besides dinero, was that the hotel is sold out on the night we arrive. Saturday night. So we’re now trying to find a place near Costa Azul that will take us for one evening. Since there are a few “San Diego-ans” who have visited Sissy Fish, I thought I might ask for input on what we should do.

Can anybody recommend another hotel on Costa Azul that might take us?

If so, should we just stay at this alternate hotel the whole time? In other words, is the Surf Hotel a gimmick and when we arrive, will there be ten hotels next door that cost less?

Also, should I bring my board down or just rent different boards there, depending on the conditions? I’ve always wanted to try a fish.

I know that a lot of people suggest that the only way to roll in Cabo is to rent a car and drive out every day to the various spots down there, but I’m trying to avoid this as much as possible. The idea is to be close to my wife so that while I’m not surfing I can hang with her. She even said she might be willing to take a few surf lessons down there at Old Man’s. Imagine the benefits of that: if she gets stoked, all our future vacations could be in tropical surf spots!

I was even considering taking a lesson, but I’m not sure if they have instructors that teach novice/intermediate skills. I’d hate to shell out $100 to spend the day popping up on a Bic in the sand.

Thanks for advice in advance!


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Surfsister said...

Well, I can't provide any of the information you requested. I just wanted to let you and your wife know that I thought her hair was short on purpose. (I think you have a picture of her in an early blog entry.) She looks great. She's one of those women who could walk around completely bald and, because she's so damn gorgeous, no one would even notice. I'm glad her chemo is over!

Chum said...


When I told my wife what you said, at first she asked how anyone knew what she looked like (I guess I shoulda asked her before posting her pic), but then I could tell she was totally flattered by the compliment. Thanks for the kind words. I'm constantly amazed at how great she looks without hair. Although she like it at first, she's over it now. Somebody even suggested she keep her head shaved after the chemo--I seriously doubt that is going to happen!

Thanks again.

Flotsam said...

Hey chum,

Cabo Surf rents many boards from there hotel and there's Costa Azul surf shop a short walk from the hotel that rents boards too, there's a good variety too choose from. The food at Cabo Surf hotel is pretty good but can be pricey on an extended stay. Have some meals in San Jose del Cabo, I like Hangman's its authentic mexican food from Guadalajara, bring your own booze, there is a liquor store across the street. The food is great and cheap. The owners are great people and very talented local surfers.

I think Alaska charges you $150 round trip to bring a board, so that's something to think about. Get a good travel bag and wrap the board up nicely with bubble wrap, towels or pipe insulation on the rails.

There's some fun breaks right in front of Cabo Surf Hotel, Old Mans, the rock, and zippers is a short walk. CSH is the most convenient if your just going to hang at Old Mans and you end up paying for it.

If you need more info let me know and I'll pass it along.

Like the blog.

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Chum said...

Hey Flotsom,

Thanks for all the great info. We are confirmed at the Surf Hotel for 4 nights and the Best Western nearby for the Saturday they couldn't take us.

I think I'm going to rent while I'm there. That way I can finally try a fish and also be ready to longboard if the conditions are smallish. I also would like to ride a short thruster in the 6' range to see if I like the change from my 6'6" swallow tail.

I will definitely check out the Hangman's restaurant and the liquor store (the owners of the liquor store surf? or were you talking about the hotel?)

Thanks for all your info. It is much appreciated. I hope to have some great blog entries after the trip!


Flotsam said...


Sorry I wasn't so clear, the owners of Hangman's surf. It's a family run business in San Jose del Cabo. You'll like Hangman's food and vibe, try the soup before your meal and finish off with the flan and just soak in the local color. It's about a 10 minute cab ride from CSH.

Also, check out Mike Doyle's paintings, you can't miss the gallery, it's at the bottom of gringo hill just across from the CSH. Have a good time.

Pura vida.

Chum said...


the picture you're painting of CSH is getting better by the minute. I'll be sure to visit the Doyle gallery as well and rap with the owners of the Hangman!


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