Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Very Simple Concept

I have been blogging for a couple months now with the main focus being surf. When I re-read my first entry I was reminded that this journal was also supposed chronicle my artistic endeavors. Believe it or not, I have been exercising my art muscles whenever I get the chance, mostly with digital drawings on this computer. I've actually had some technical difficulties with publishing these sketches on the web, starting with my very first post (I had a really cool "Sissy Fish" illustration that was totally distorted when I put it up). But last week, at the insistence/persistence of my wife, I finally ventured back into my painting studio after several months of using it for surfboard storage. All my paints were dry and I had to scrape my palette with a razor to get it clean again. My creative juices started flowing as soon as I saw the beautiful colored flakes and peels of old paint intermingling with each other on the glass surface.

I have always been amazed at how a palette can look as good or better than the actual painting it was used to create. I like to imagine this phenomenon as the hand of God working through the subconscious of the artist in the same way the random scattering of brightly colored fall leaves on the ground creates a pure abstraction that is more beautiful than a "thought out" piece of nonrepresentational art. I guess that's why I love abstract paintings and why my own work often ends up looking the way it does.


Connie said...

Rick, that painting looks very cool. Love all the colors. It is very vivid! Glad to see you posting about your other passions. I know yours is more a surfing blog, but I enjoy the peek into other aspects of your life. I miss out on so much living so far away. Looks like you had fun at the party last night, too! That mustache cracked me up!

Candi said...

That painting is the colors, the design, everything! What do you do with these when you are done? I, too, am excited to read about all your are such a cool character. Love you.

Diane said...

Gosh, Chum, it makes me so overjoyed to see you delving back into your artwork. And I, too, love the colors. They are so joyful. It makes my heart sing. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, man, good to see the pallette pumping out fresh colors with you at the helm. Dadio

Patch said...


I'm a surfing artists as well. Keep on painting, writing, surfing and listening or creating music. It really helps lift the soul.

Do you have a site where you have some art posted? If your interested, you can view some of my work @

Music: The Shins — So I says —

rickalbano said...
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Patch said...

Thanks Rick,

I am thinking of using these guys ( to rebuild my site, it needs major updating. A friend of mine used them to create, and was happy with the outcome, seems they are very affordable too. One of these days I'll get around to it. When you get your stuff up and running I'd love to check it out.

Music plays a big part in my art and the Shins fit in nicely.

Music: Tommy Guerrero — Introspection Section