Thursday, July 07, 2005

Five Ipod Essentials

A question was posed on the Pet Cobra blog recently that asked which are the top 5 radio singles of the past 15 years (since 1990).

A tough one for me, since there was a period of ten years during that block of time when I considered commercial radio to be radioactive - as if exposure to those Clear Channel airwaves would result in aural mutation or worse...

But I eventually came up a handful of songs off the top of my head. I've already reconsidered one of my choices. Here's my original list, with the revision:

1. Pixies - "Dig for Fire"
2. Lemonheads - "It's a Shame About Ray"
3. James - "Laid"
4. Pavement - "Cut Your Hair"
5. Modest Mouse - "Float Away"

I substituted Pavement for Pinback, since that was my biggest stretch in terms of "alternative radio" play. This list has its share of honorable mentions: Radiohead, Outkast, Flaming Lips, Beck and Bjork all probably should be on there.

Anybody else want to take a walk back down memory lane? It may even be more interesting to put a surf spin on this and ask the top five songs that get stuck in your head during a session. I think that may be where ruggerjay was going with his original post. In that case my list would be completely different!


RuggerJay said...

My Inner iPod Surf Tunes:

5. "Given to Fly", Pearl Jam
4. "First Tube", Phish
3. "Jingo", Santana
2. "Ready Steady Go", Paul Oakenfold
1. "Soul Sacrifice", Santana

Whiffleboy said...

5. "Baby, Hold On To Me", Eddie Money
4. "Convoy", T.J. McCall
3. "She Got the Goldmine", Jerry Reed
2. "Life is Just a Fantasy", Aldo Nova
1. "Meco's Theme to Star Wars", Meco

No lie, at one point or another, each of these has played in my head while surfing. I have quite an ecclectic collection of music.

Chum said...

5. "Beat on the Brat" - Ramones
4. "Roll Plymouth Rock" - Brian Wilson
3. "Kyrie Eleison" - J.S. Bach's Missa in B Minor
2. "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" The Arcade Fire
1. "Know How" - Kings of Convenience

I have to credit the old "Surfer Magazine" TV show from the '80s for making me permanently associate the Ramones with surfing. They did an amazing montage of Christian Fletcher doing airs to "Bop 'Till You Drop." Same thing goes for Kings of Convenience when the Malloys put them in their "A Broke Down Melody." The Bach got stuck in my head after seeing a live performance by the Trinity Consort in Portland the night before a Sunday session. Weird huh?

A guess Brian Wilson is kind of obvious.

RuggerJay said...

I said "Big Ben this here's the Rubber Duck, and I'm about to put the hammer down..."

Damn you Whiff.

crustyripper said...

5. "Funkytown", Lipps Inc.
4. "Just got paid", ZZTop
3. "True", Concrete Blond
2. "Jumpin Jack Flash", covered by Johnny Winter
1. If the waves are big, "Mountain Song", Jane's Addiction

Candi said...

OK...just saw that you do like the Pixies...guess I should read all your entries first...

1. "Hey", Pixies
2. "Banana Pancakes", Jack Johnson
3. "Short Skirt/Long Jacket", Cake
4. "Me and Bobby McGee", Janis Joplin
5. "Life, in a Nutshell", Barenaked Ladies

and as a bonus track for some shake your booty music
6. "Sugar (Gimme some)", Trick Daddy

Candi said...

and mine have nothing to do with surfing (obviously) just fun music...