Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Are We Ready for the Next Wave?

As if the rising popularity of surfing hasn't brought enough company into the line-up over the last five years (myself being one) Hollywood is doing it's part to publicize the sport with several films in the works. So far, the list includes:

In Search of Captain Zero - Sean Penn/Brad Pitt
Surf's Up - Animated Penguin Surf Movie
Big Wave - Ben Stiller
John Fron Cincinatti - Deadwood-meets-Kem Nunn
Bored! - Ben Marcus Tidal Bore Film/TV Show?

The Birthday Party - Nick the Stripper


foul pete said...

I keep hoping the hype around surfing will die like it does with skateboarding but since I've been surfing things just keep escalating. I'm going to have to spend more time with my new interest, RollerKayaking.

Patch said...

Believe it or not, some of the old timers at the bu say it was worse at the height of the Gidget phenom.


Music — Crowded House — World Where You Live

lunasurf said...

birthday party! prayers on fire is a fantastic album, been wanting to get that one updated (from tape to mp3) for a while... just found it on itunes... thanks for reminding me! (I've looked before, but they never had it).

As for the lineups... that photo looks like rockaway on a quiet day - thank god for winter!

May said...

Sean Penn and Brad Pitt should be pretty hilarious
combination! Should be a good laugh!


Totor said...

No crowd = No "surfwear" = No R&D on surfing gear = No cold water comfortable surfing

Thank you, "wannabes"!!!

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