Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Knives Don't Have Your Back

Emily's new album comes out in the US today. I highly suggest that you purchase it (even if you've already grabbed a few tracks from the internet).

Knives Don't Have Your Back is certainly more plaintive and intimate than her work with Metric. It's mostly just her and a piano, which will be a disappointment to her ranks of pubescent fans who clamor to the stage for panty-shots during her gigs with the group. That's not to say the songs aren't sexy. They are, but in a whispered confessional way that says "I trust you," not "I thrust you."

Even the snobbists at Pitchfork squeezed out a decent rating for the release (7.3), after panning what turned out to be last year's indie rock staple Live It Out . So I'm not being biased here when I say the album is fucking great. A perfect soundtrack to accompany your transition from summer sun to gray gloom.

If my review hasn't convinced you, check out this video for Doctor Blind.

Emily Haines - Our Hell

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pushingtide said...

Your Magic Weekend post made me feel like I was there surfin' Oregon waves and drinkin' Pabst.