Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dad's Pad

My dad was thumbing through this Leroy Grannis photography book on my coffee table when he came across the picture above: A 1967 shot of his fraternity house on the strand in Hermosa Beach. Though he was living there at the time, he can't identify the dude out front. I've never been much for frats, I think I might be more inclined to pledge in the '60s at LMU, considering the fringe benefits above.


Anonymous said...

Come on everybody lets hit Needles!!

tres_arboles said...

Great id by dad! Sort of like when I watch a baseball game with mine and he stop and says, I went to high school with the bench coach of the _______.

Grannis? File him in the "cool" folder for sure.


PS--Word Verication="notion"

Anonymous said...

Cool Sis.

Always skated by that house on my "commute" to the Pier bars after surfing El Porto. And always jealous of the guys that lived in that cool shingled house with tons of brick around. They had a great firepit in the corner and always red cups flowin'.