Friday, March 20, 2009

Painting for the Mattson Family Benefit Art Show

Here's my finished painting for the Mattson Family Benefit Art Show. It's a sign you can hang on your door, your cubicle, or the wall of your treehouse when you go surfing. I've always liked those corny signs and bumper stickers that say "Gone Surfin," "Gone Fishin," "Gone Rollerblading," or whatever and I've done a few here and here for fun, which friends have turned into screensavers.

This piece is painted in acrylic on wood, with some paint pen details. I drilled a couple holes in the top and threaded rope through to hang it. It comes with a big nail. If you're interested in purchasing this, it'll be available at the upcoming silent auction, details to follow. The money is going to a great cause. Read more about that here.

For those who don't know who the Mattson 2 are, here's a video of them doing their thang:


JYog said...

Hi Sissyfish, I love your blog and thought you might want to do something on my upcoming surf memoir, Saltwater Buddha. It's getting great early reviews from everyone from pro surfers to New York Times writers. It comes out in this May.
Check out advanced praise here, or
watch the youtube trailer (feel free to embed it) here,

I'd be happy to send you a copy of the book if you're interested.
Cheers, Jaimal Yogis

Jamie Watson said...

Rick - Your painting just arrived and it's gorgeous in person! I love the whole presentation and what you did on the back. STOKED.

And I recommend reading Jaimal's book. I just finished it last night!

Beetlejuice said...

Are the Mattson's jazzers?