Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's hidden in my basement. A few new projects have inspired me to spend some time down here again. I've been working on a computer so long I almost forgot how good it feels to make a mistake and not be able to delete it.


tres_arboles said...

I LOVE that monk photo! Inspiring set up, Ric.

Anonymous said...

Big tits.


Chum said...

Hey David,

That monk is the king of thailand in his youth - wearing some cool shades. Aside from being a king, he's also a avid photographer and jazz composer. I hear he plays a mean sax.

Yes, Push. There is some adult literature down there. It has a really funny surf-themed spread.

Q.Purps said...

eat little hideout. i needs me one of those. pretty soon my art making kit will be next to the kitchen counter. in between the washer/dryer and the fridge. i'll dig the first mexican basement.

Jamie Watson said...

This made my day! I love seeing artist's spaces. It looks really happy and colorful. Liked seeing the Psych Furs album too.