Monday, March 30, 2009


It's tough to stay in the iternal present when Thursday is the Portland premier of Thomas Campbell's brand new celluloid stoke-stroker The Present, with special opening performances by the Mattson 2. How often do you get to see surf flicks on the big screen anymore? I'm also loving the above poster that Portland artist-in-residence and resident handplane/alaia shredder Alberto Cuadros made for this event.

Your presence (get it?) is also requested at the Lifeswells afterparty, taking place at Valentine's at 10pm. Rumor has it the Mattson 2 will also bust out a few numbers there.

This whole evening promises to be a hoot. If there are too many rad people at the party and I can't get in for some reason, I'm gonna be pissed.

Thursday April 2nd
Two Showings: 7pm (All Ages) & 9pm (21+)
The Clinton St. Theater
2522 SE Clinton st PDX


Lifeswells/The Present After Party
Featuring the Mattson 2 and resident selector Zach Reno
Classic surf films (as always)
Thursday April 2nd 10pm
232 SW Ankeny, PDX


HC said...

Don't forget the Mollusk in The Pearl opens that night also.

Chum said...

HC, you really need to update your blog. I read it for the articles.

And don't believe the rumors, it is still hip to blog, you know. Or have you moved on to twittering?

Foul HC said...

All about Twitter now, as you know. I'll be Twittering live from the events on Thurs.

Thrusters And relaxed Jeans said...

All these events are going to be watched very very carefully.

Anonymous said...

A Mollusk in the Peral! Really? Awsome!

Pearl Surfer Boi said...

Now I can get a shoe lace belt and some bonzer side runners in the same stop!

Chum said...

Duck and cover.

surferbrat said...

The movie is awesome, and so is the music performance--you're gonna love it!

Anonymous said...

"Don't forget the Mollusk in The Pearl opens that night also."

This was a joke right. If it was - that's some sharp shit. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Mollusk is going right next to the enviro fashist nau

Chum said...

Brilliant use of misspelling there. You're like the Mark Gonzales of the anonymous commenter world.